Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Today's post is an outfit of the day with a DIY! 

Today is Friday the 13th and with all the fashion weeks happening I felt like doing an outfit inspired by all the shots of amazing street style I've been seeing on tumblr, instagram and other various fashion websites. I've been slightly obsessed with the long shirts, layered looks and of course the trusty black! 

For the DIY I made a faux layering bandana shirt. I know that sounds a little confusing but I'll explain. It's meant to simulate the oversized long shirt under other shirts. I saw a bandana print long shirt on tumblr and needed something like it in my wardrobe. After searching online and not being able to find it I figured I'd just make myself one. What I like about the way that I made this is that I can easily wear it under any regular shirt because it's not heavy or bulky. Well enough of the rambling here is the outfit and following I'll try my best to explain how I made my faux layering shirt.

I'll list where I got the pieces I remember

Military Jacket: Thrifted 
Dress shirt: Thrifted
Combat Boots: Forever21
Bandana Shirt:DIY
Sunglasses: H&M
Wool Hat: Target 


For the layering Bandana you'll just need a few things and I only spent 6 dollars to make this! 

-Two Square pieces of fabric. I'm using two bandanas because they fit my body pretty well when connected together but you could do this with any similar fabric
-Two 12 inch Zippers
-Sewing machine (or I'm sure you could hand stitch this it will just take a little longer) 
-Safety Pins
-Sewing pins

Okay start of by figuring out how it is that you want the fabric to lay on your body and use a safety pin to secure the the two squares of fabric to each other by just the top corners. Also make sure to leave room you don't want the material too tight on your body since otherwise walking would be a bit complicated. Make sure to leave some material on the part that will be pinned to your waist. This will make pinning it to your pants much easier and you can adjust it to your body better. 

Now you can move on to attaching the zippers. It was my first time putting in a zipper in so I just followed the instructions that came with them. I went with one black and one white to add a little more fun to it. 

I pinned down the zipper where I wanted it and slowly did a line of stitching using the zipper it self as a guide of where to go. 

My first zipper application was a bit messy but since it's black tread you can't see it unless you're looking very closely so if hand stitch this you don't have to worry about it not coming out perfect.

Attaching the zipper to the other bandana gets a little tricky because you're moving around two pieces of material but once you pin it down before sewing it stays in place pretty well. Overall it's pretty self explanatory, take your time and measure to make sure you're putting it where you want it. I went with one side being a tad longer than the other. 

 Now you can just repeat the process to attach the second zipper, again measuring and making sure to measure and take your time! 

Thats pretty much it!  

After you're done putting it together it should fit a bit loose but thats where the safety pins come into play~ I used 3 pins one on each side and one right in the middle. If it's too long you can easily fold it or even tuck it into your pants. It helps keep it loose enough to sit down and move around well. 

What's great about pinning it to your pants is that you can wear it with any pants you choose and can switch it around like an accessory instead of just a shirt. it also makes it very easy to layer since you're not actually wearing another shirt and that means for some people like me less heat! so less sweating. 

Now for some close up pictures of it in action~ 

Thank you so much for reading and if my DIY was a little confusing let me know what I can do to make it better <3 It's my first time trying to explain how I did something and since I was completely winging it I'm just explaining as I did it. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will try my best to help out. 


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