Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thrifting 101 & Thrift Haul

Today I went to one of my local thrift stores so I could do a quick how-to thrifting 101 post. But to my delight I found a few things I couldn't leave behind so this post is now a Thrifting 101 with a thrifting haul! 

First some quick tips to use while shopping

The first thing I do when I get into the store is find out the color of the week. There are several tag colors and once a week they change the color of the week that means anything with that tag will be half off! Goodwill changes the color every Sunday, so the sooner you go after a color change the bigger chance that you might find things with that color tag. Some thrift stores do 50% off everything days so just ask at your local one so you can know when the best day to go would be.

As you make your way through the racks of clothes you'll notice that all the clothes are facing the same direction on the rack. Use this to your advantage while searching. When I search through racks of dress shirts I check for a few things.

1: Do I like it at first glance 2: Check the size 3: Check for stains or rips. 4: Check the brand. 
 5: Check the tag color 

The reason I check for the brand last is because you should like the item whether or not it's designer. This allows you to leave pieces with a hole or stain without feeling like you're missing out. Do note that just feeling the fabric you can tell if the shirt is of higher quality. 

When checking through blazers keep in mind that the brand tag will be on the inside so they take a little longer to go through.

When going through ties, touch is key. Expensive ties and cheap ones have a huge difference in material but checking the designer is very easy. Some do have it on the other end of the tie so check both.   

As you go through things if you like something, put it in your cart! don't leave it because it's a free for-all and I've lost things to someone who saw me pick something up and I put it down. Your cart might get full very quickly but that's okay because you want to make some trips to the fitting room to make sure the things fit you. Lots of things don't look great on like on the rack. Putting the item on also allows you to check for any rips and stains that you might have missed when you first picked it up. Don't ever feel bad about leaving something behind because it didn't fit or was ruined somehow. 

You can see I went in with a lot more than I actually got. 

I go from section to section looking for things, checking and double checking. Thrifting is time consuming and since you have to make sure the clothes aren't ruined taking your time is key. 

Be mindful of the prices. 
Throughout the store they have the prices for different things, but there are some things with "Special Pricing" this means they are nicer stuff and sometimes are kept behind a counter so make sure to keep an eye out for any tags on the garment. 

Remember that while finding designer items is really fun, if you don't like it there's no reason to get it! I've found a YSL blazer and Hermes tie that I didn't even notice were designer until months after buying them. Liking the pieces is the most important thing and them being designer should be a bonus not the reason you buy it. 

Other things to remember is that location does matter, but I've found great things in poorer areas. Going to a nicer area sometimes comes with nicer things, but it's always hit or miss. Don't get discouraged! I would say about 80% of the time I walk out empty handed but then some days I have great luck and find beautiful designer items. Remember that you're looking for that one gem in the piles of crap. A lot of the clothes are donated because people have worn them to death so don't get anything you won't wear. 


 YSL Dress shirt: $4.94

Grey British Mist Trench $8.98

Camel London Fog Trench $15.50
(special priced item)

Polka Dot Burberrys $2.92
Floral Nordstrom
Cabralli Collection $1.46


If you guys have any questions feel free to leave them as comments or contact me on instagram/facebook/google+ 



  1. Top tips Luis, thank you for putting a male perspective on thrifting for designer gear, very helpful

    1. Thank you so much Erica! Thats my goal ^_^ to bring a little male-fashion into the blog world. I'm glad my tips were useful!

  2. Hi Luis, some great tips here. I wish thrift prices in the UK were as good as the US! Welcome to the DIY/thrift fashion community and I look forward to reading more about your adventures. So great to have a male perspective!

    1. haha yeah I've heard about the prices in the UK when it comes to second hand items! It's the same in newyork here but since I live in a more rural area I get to enjoy the low prices. We do have some shops that have much higher prices but I avoid them :P. Thanks for reading I appreciate it!

  3. My hubby was wondering why thrifting is female dominated and so I'm very glad to find your blog with this post! Looking forward to seeing some upcycling too :-)


    1. Thank you Agy! I do have to say that I get a little jealous when I see how huge the female sections are compared to male but if my sections were that huge I'd be there all day. ^_^ stay tuned! I really into customising some of my finds or making my own accessories