Friday, March 28, 2014

Stale & Co ; Mens handcrafted Accessories. My review and thoughts.

About a month ago I began chatting with Daryl from the brand Stale & Co ; A brand new brand who just launched their website  in February. Their handmade items caught my eye on instagram and after a few emails we thought I would be a good candidate to try their items out. I got to choose three pieces and have now been wearing them for about two weeks. I must say I'm completely obsessed with them! They are understated but still eye catching. I've really been enjoying matching them up with my outfits.

First I'm going to tell you about the three pieces I chose and I will also tell you guys about the brand and the two fantastic people behind the scenes. While yes the pieces were sent to me free of charge all of my thoughts and experiences with them as well as the three accesories are mine and I don't get anything for getting people to buy these items. I want to promote a great brand that I really like and had a great experience with their service and products. Thank you so much to Stella and Daryl for these beautiful gifts and I wish you guys the best. 

All items will be linked to their website

The three items I picked were:
The Kris Cuff
The George Jr Bracelet
The Willie Brass Skull Necklace

I have a few images of how I wore all three pieces and I will review each piece individually.
This is the Willie necklace, the skull is very cartoony like almost alien shape. For me thats perfect because I love everything a bit odd and nerdy. It almost reminds me of something that would have been in The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's on black hand-crochet cotton yarn. There are two brass beads that can be moved up or down to adjust the length witch I love! I can wear it high or low depending if i'm stacking accessories. 

The two bracelets are great for stacking. I went for black and brass because I love the look of it as you can see I had a bag that matched the similar contrast.

My favorite and most worn piece right now is the Kris Cuff. I've been wearing it nearly every day. I love the texture hammered into the brass. It's a bit on the heavy side but not too much, just enough. It can be opened or closed a bit to adjust the size for your wrist however I wouldn't keep moving it in and out of it's shape. Just fit it to your wrist and then you can slide it on and off easily.

The George Jr Bracelet features a hand-cut brass tube centre piece and some gorgeous 6mm black lava rock beads. The beads are nice and sturdy. It fits me perfectly and after a few wears it's still comes on and off easily and stays put. It is on an elastic band so it stretches for taking on and off easily.

Overall I'm adoring my pieces. Stella and Daryl have an amazing vision and great craftsmanship.The detail and amount of work put into them makes me adore them that much more. I've been wearing all of them constantly and get constant remarks and questions about them. The quality is fantastic and knowing they are hand crafted by someone is just super awesome. The materials are of great quality. Shipping took about 13 days and they do ship internationally, for free I must add! Overall I'm so grateful for the opportunity to try out their pieces. I love all three and I've already got my eye on a few of their other pieces. That "The Lenny Necklace" is on the top of that list and love the "The Marc Bracelet". To be honest I love so many of them i'd spend all day linking you so just check out them them out!

About Stale & Co

About the brand
Stale & Co launched in early 2014 and was founded with a simple belief of handcrafting quality products that is not only based on aesthetics, but also quality that is made to last.
Our inspiration stems from the classic gentlemen; the ones that believe in a well-tailored suit, a classic watch, and shoes to walk the talk. Stale & Co seeks to make accessories to complement the contemporary men for both work and play.
Using only quality materials and made with the finest craftsmanship, every Stale & Co piece is built with rigorous attention and definite precision. Each piece is designed and handcrafted using traditional jewelry-making and metal-smithing techniques. So when you put on a Stale & Co piece, you are not only wearing a piece of accessory, but also a piece of our belief and hard work.

About Us
Behind the brand, we're a duet hailing from sunny Singapore, with a penchant for designs of extraordinaire virtue and exceptional workmanship.
The chief designer/artisan of Stale & Co, Stella, specialises in the discipline of metalsmith and has received training at the famed Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City. She brings with her years of experience in experimenting with different techniques and styles of jewelry-making into the Stale & Co outfit.
Brand Manager, Daryl, has had prior experience in fashion photography and graphic design, and was involved in various local and international projects over the years. Having an obsession with clean lines, design, and composition, he is the one behind the brand image and identity.
Combining experiences from fashion, photography, graphic design, metal-smithing, and crafting, we have the vision to make things not only you can wear on a daily basis, but also items that you'll want to hand down to the next generation.

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