Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding and Exploring Your Personal Style

Recently I've had a lot of different compliments on my image and style choices. Some ask for advice on building a similar style or make comments like "Oh I love your bowtie I just wish I could pull one off". Truth is, I was once one of them. Finding your personal style is not something that happens overnight. First you just have to be open to trying new things. Before I started wearing bowties on a regular basis I used to look at pictures of classic dapper fashion and think to myself "oh I could just never pull that off" thing is I was just scared of change. Like a new haircut changing the way your dress is a little more mental than you'd think. Being afraid of what people will think is normal and something you just have to get over at the end of the day you're the one wearing your clothes not them. People will always have something to say but as long as you're confident anything negative is dimmed down by how good you feel about yourself.

When I first began changing the way I dressed in order to turn into the polished dapper gentleman I wanted to become I had no idea where to begin. Fact is that only because things look good on models does not mean you'll have the same luck when putting on the exact same outfit. I look back at some of my outfits and trust me, I looked terrible but trial and error is the only way to learn fashion. As long as you feel comfortable in your own style screw what others say or those silly "fashion rules". Fashion is a way to express your own individuality and like music you shouldn't limit yourself to just one genre. I get most of my fashion inspiration from classic 20's, 30's and 40's mens fashion. That does not mean I'm not influenced by street fashion and trends. It's just about finding a balance that works for you. Personally I love mixing different styles, taking elements of punk and adding them to a bowtie and blazer look.

One thing that I noticed after a while of dressing a certain way is that I felt limited to only one style or a specific look. Earlier this year I really started to explore street style and less known types of fashion. Changing my look from season to season is something fun and I think more people should play around with their looks. It's kind of like a haircut, you want to try a new one but you're afraid it'll look terrible and then be stuck with it but instead you can easily just change your shirt and be back to your comfort zone.

I often hear people say they just don't have the funds to revamp their whole closet well truth is you don't have to spend tons of money to get a new you. A great way to start changing your style is to start thrifting. The reason I say this is because if you want to try out wearing blazers and ties why spend 50-150 dollars on a well fitting blazer and another 20-50 bucks on a good tie. Thrifting is a fantastic way to build your wardrobe slowly and at an affordable price. I've found plenty of great blazers and ties for under $5. Once you think you've found a style that suits you and your lifestyle you can begin investing in certain pieces for your wardrobe. I'll give you my list of things I choose to invest in and things that should be bought at cheaper flash fashion style stores.

My tips for a more fabulous you: 

~Find your fashion inspiration. 
~There is not real templet for how one should dress, it's up to you and how you want to be perceived.  
~It's okay to mix styles and to try out new trends. 
~Have fun, life is far too short to worry about what others think.
~Do take your environments into consideration while getting dressed (will you be standing a slot? perhaps the painful  vintage oxfords aren't the way to go)  
~Invest in certain pieces, things to invest in are items you can wear over and over in many different ways and you know will last. Things to get cheaply should be trend items and things that don't really matter too much. 
~ Find your signature scent
~Designer items are nice if you have the money but it's not something required to feel or look good.

-A good perfume/cologne 
-Classic winter Coat   
-Anything you'd find yourself wearing for years to come 
-One or two good pairs of sunglasses
-One of a kind pieces you know you can't find anywhere else 

Things to grab on the cheaper side:
-Trend items, fact is trends come and go so don't spend big bucks on something you won't wear next year. 
-If you're someone who likes having a bunch of different accessories theres tons of different accessory shops where you can find trendy pieces very cheaply. 
-Basic pieces like tshirts and other commonly found items
-Anything you know you won't be able to wear on a regular basis.

I hope that this gives you a bit of confidence in finding your new style and building your new wardrobe. Just remember that your style is how you want your reflection to look in the mirror. Fashion rules were made to be broken and if everyone dressed the same this world would be a dull basic place to live. Don't let negative comments affect you and don't ever feel like you can't explore other types of fashion simply because someone says so. If you feel confident people will notice, this may attract negative remarks but as long as you keep your chin up and don't let people's opinions mold you then you're already ahead of so many others who would rather be cookie cutter clones and fit in than be different and stand out. 

If there's anything else you'd like to know or anything you'd like me to explain I will gladly speak to you about it. Leave me a comment here, instagram or any other social media you may have me on.  

Stay Fabulous, - Luis.

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